EXPLORING SYDNEY: A Trip to Tarban Creek Lunatic Asylum – Gladesville Hospital History Tour

Hey History Hunters 🤠

On today’s “Bushwalk Back In Time” mini-documentary we visit the magnificent former Tarban Creek Lunatic Asylum, now called Gladesville Hospital in Sydney.

Learn the history behind Australia’s 1st purpose-built mental facility & go on a virtual journey together, to discover the stories behind this fascinating place.

🌏 ❤️ ♻️ Gia


EXPLORING SYDNEY: Gone to Garrawarra – The secret cemetery of forgotten souls from Waterfall Hospital – History Tour

On today’s trip we discover the history behind Sydney’s fight against the deadly infectious disease Tuberculosis in the early 1900s.

Revisit the old abandoned Waterfall hospital (now named Garrawarra Centre for Aged Care) and see the remains of Garrawarra cemetery, where those who succumbed to the sickness called “consumption” were laid to rest and eventually forgotten.

This latest edition of our “Bushwalk Back In Time series is slightly sombre, but super special 🖤